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HMKisizer 106 Automatic laser particle size analyzer( wet process)

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HMKisizer 106 operates automatically under computer control. The light path is automatic centering and revising. Only need one click. After the menu suggest to add dry powder or emulsion slurry to the sample pool, automatic stirring, ultrasonic dispersion, circulation to the test area, and emission cleaning process can be completed automatically. The test speed is extremely fast. Each sample is completed within 2 minutes, and the results are automatically analyzed and saved by the computer. Easy to check and print.

Measurement of particle size distribution of solid powder and emulsion slurry in different fields such as scientific research institution, electronics, chemical industry, paper, medicine, ceramics, building materials, food, coating, manganese carbonate, pesticide, pigment, titanium dioxide, coal water slurry, cosmetics, abrasive, calcium carbonate, talc, kaolin, alumina, rare earth, catalyst, foaming agent, refractories, cement, titanium dioxide, graphite, ocean sediments.

1、testing range: 0.1µm~155µm
2、test philosophy: Mie scattering, diffraction theory and proprietary calculation.
3、testing accuracy: repeatability error of 50% volumetric cumulative particle size value <1%(national standard)

4、testing time: less than 2 minutes per sample
5、light route design:implement international standard principle such as ISO13321. invert fourier optical path is designed to reduce stray light generated by multiple reflections of the sample pool and the optical mirror. light path self-centering.
6、software running: Windows XP、Win7 compatible system,RS232 serial communication.
7、operating mode: just click “automatic testing”,input the tested sample in the sample pool according to the suggestion. The whole measurement process( calibration, concentration adjustment, signal acquisition, data analysis, reporting, sampling system cleaning) is completed automatically under the control of computer.
8、the signal source:imported semiconductor lasers,wave length 635nm,life>25000h
9、detection parts:46 grade multiunit detector
10、dispersion method: sample pool volume 500mL,built-in 60w ultrasonic disperser. Ultrasonic dispersing time, mechanical stirring, peristaltic pump circulation time can be set as required.
11、testing report:Chinese and English versions are available. cumulative percentage particle size、distribution table and distribution curve. Meanwhile, data such as D10, D25, D50, D75, D90, D97, volume average particle size, and surface area are provided.
12、working environment: temperature:5-35℃ humidity:<85%
13、working power supply: AC220V ±22V 50Hz

1)It intergrates optics, circuit, automatically centering, sample pool, ultrasonic dispersion, stirring cycle and automatic cleaning. The measured samples flow in the pipeline for a short time, which avoids the stratification and reagglomeration of the samples after dispersion, so as to ensure the test repeatability and stability, and reach the measurement level of similar instruments abroad.
2)Advanced molding process structure, namely measuring unit and sampling system integrated, beautiful appearance, easy operation and maintenance, the latest anti-interference technology makes the electronic components of the instrument more stable.
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