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HMKisizer 111 droplet spray analysis laser diffraction particle size analyzer

Date:2019-04-10 Traffic:1320

The HMKisizer 111 droplet spray analysis laser diffraction particle size analyzer has the characteristics of rapid test, wide measurement range and automatic operation on drop size distributions within the spray plume. The distribution of droplet size was measured in real time. It is suitable for the measurement of granule degree of nozzle manufacturing, spray, spray drying, oil mist, water mist, smoke, fire dry powder and aerosol production. HMKisizer 111 works on the same theory as Malvern Series 2600 Droplet Particle Size Analyser.

1. test philosophy: Mie scattering, diffraction theory and proprietary calculation,nozzle spray plume
2、the signal source:adopt wave length 635nm laser device,rate of work 30mW 。
3、channels number:80 grade key number,16 grade deputy channel.
4、testing range:0.5μm~2000μm no grading,full range test.
5、test accuracy:D50 repeatability error of particle size value≤±1%(standard particle plate).
6、Cumulative particle size distribution data and curve, interval particle size distribution data and histogram, typical particle size values such as D3, D10, D25, D50, D75, D84, D90, D97, average particle size, etc.
7、operating method:with just one click, the testing process is fully automated under computer control.
8、software running:Windows XP、Win7 system,RS232 serial communication
9、 working power supply:AC220V ±22V 200W
10、working environment:0~35℃
1)the instrument has two structures ( conjoined type, split type) for selection according to demand. Use large aperture and large field of view angel fourier lens, optical path alignment system. The automatic input and disconnection of liquid and gas are controlled by the controller.
2)One or more consecutive automatic tests, the test results are preserved with single and multiple distribution curves.
3)split type: The effective test area between the instrument host and the test component device can be moved within 1500mm without affecting the test results. The maximum distance between the main engine and auxiliary machine is up to 10M for field installation control requirements.
4)conjoined type:the test area length is fixed at 400mm(it can also be customized on demand)。
5)each measurement takes only a few seconds. When the spray concentration changes in a wide range, it has no effect on the test results.
6)it is specially designed for shock, dust and moisture resistance, easy to transport and work under harsh environment.
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